How well do you know the Bible? How much do you know about Jesus of Nazareth and the way of life He established?

Have you wanted to devote more time to learning more about the Bible and Christianity?

If so, we encourage you to consider taking a free, no obligation Bible correspondence course!

A Bible correspondence course is a series of lessons designed to help you understand the Bible and Christianity. We at the Venice church of Christ encourage and feature The Word Bible Correspondence Courses:

  • Bible 101: The Big Picture of the Bible
  • Bible 121: How To Read and Understand the Bible
  • Bible 141: The Books of the Bible
  • Bible 161: Bible Characters
  • Bible 181: Bible History
  • Christianity 101: The Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Christianity 121: Righteousness
  • Christianity 131: Sin
  • Christianity 141: The Church and the Assembly
  • Christianity 161: Basic Doctrine
  • Christianity 181: Faith and Practice

Each course is comprised of seven lessons. When you complete the 100 level series you will have gained a basic understanding of what the Bible and Christianity are all about!

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Don’t worry; your information is kept private. We will not sell it to any third parties, nor will we send you anything except by your permission!

We will get the first lesson sent to you after we receive your request; we will also provide a stamped return envelope for you to return the lesson for grading. We will return your graded lesson as well as the next lesson. There is never any obligation. You can end the course at any time!

Thank you again for your interest!